JourneyDance in Boston

Moving with the Chaos

We invite you to come together to shift, transform, and dedicate ourselves to be the change, to hold our highest vibration, to heal what we can in the collective consciousness.

Uncover where you are hiding out in chaos.

Shed your distractions, become embodied, present, and see who emerges.

Join the collective consciousness in an enlightened state and embodied presence. When we are so present that we can feel, breathe, think, act and respond with awareness and love.

Facilitated by Toni Bergins

Toni Bergins, MEd, has been developing JourneyDance™ since 1997. She has now touched the lives of more than 75,000 people through her classes and workshops. She believes that movement has a power to transform by bringing people back in touch with their innate energy and creative wisdom. Toni has a light sense of humor, a deep wild passion and authenticity that makes JourneyDance™ accessible to all. She has produced a popular instructional JourneyDance™ CD, clothing line, and set of Love Your Body! Love Your Life! cards. She has been featured in Yoga Magazine and FitnessRx. Toni leads a growing team of over 500 JourneyDance™ Teachers internationally and continues to offer classes and workshops worldwide.

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Date: May 21st
Time: 11 am -1 pm
Location : Newton, MA
Cost: $45