Embodied Leadership Retreat and Training Program

March 17 - 29, 2018
Mar de Jade,  Mexico

In 2018 we have two options for you to join Toni Bergins at Mar de Jade, we have a
7 day JourneyDance™ Personal Empowerment Retreat or the 12 day JourneyDance™ Embodied Leadership Training Program.  The 7 day is a personal retreat option and the 12 day Embodied Leadership retreat is for those who wish to become a JourneyDance™ Facilitator.

7 day JourneyDance™ Personal Empowerment Retreat.

Take the break you deserve from your busy life and Rest, Reconnect & Renew yourself in a peaceful and beautiful environment at Mar de Jade.  Enjoy this Personal Retreat at your own pace, JourneyDance™ activities will be available to you in the morning and again in the evening, you can choose how much you want to do or not do... this week is all about you.

Your JourneyDance™ Personal Empowerment Retreat includes:

  • 7 nights Accommodation
  • 3 healthy & delicious meals per day
  • JourneyDance™ sessions daily
  • Morning JourneyDance™ personal practice
  • Use of Spa facilities (Jaccuzzi, steam room, cold pool…)


Also Available for your Retreat (additional cost):

  • Paddle Boarding, Kayaking & Surfing.
  • Spa treatments
  • Bar Service: Wine, beer & cocktails
  • Other Excursions
  • Transportation from/to airport
  • Childcare service

JourneyDance™ 7 Day Personal Empowerment Retreat
March 17 - March 24, 2018

For all payment plans and room options

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12 day JourneyDance™ Embodied Facilitator Leadership.

This annual 12 day international fast-track training includes
Module 1 - The Embodiment ExperienceModule 2 - Emotional Empowerment
combined into a retreat.

Module 1 offers a deep immersion in:

  • Reconnect with yourself through Toni’s Embodiment Series and Heart Series
  • Explore the chakras and learn energetic anatomy
  • Expand your emotional intelligence
  • Open and claim your voice
  • Unveil your true essence and unearth your deepest desires
  • Feel energetic connections and somatic healing techniques through Toni’s Heart Series
  • Experience a solid container for transformation: the JourneyDance™ Flow
  • Explore transformational structures, movement, imagery, process, and rituals
  • Immerse in music as a tool for transformation

Module 2 offers an intensified immersion in transformational processes and emotional empowerment:

  • Focus deeply on the JourneyDance™ Qualities of Evocative Emotion and Shamanic
  • Experience processes and rituals, sacred drama, Toni’s ShadowPlay™ and Gestalt techniques
  • Practice expanding your emotional bandwidth for holding sacred space
  • Explore new musical landscapes, powerful playlists, DJ skills and technology tutorials
  • Integrate healing rituals and ceremony through the JourneyDance™ system
  • Practice vocal techniques for expression, empowerment, and leadership
  • Deepen your intuition, creativity and confidence in creating sacred spaces with vast potential
  • Receive inspired coaching from Toni and senior teaching staff

Welcome, beautiful dancer! I'm Toni Bergins, creator of JourneyDance™.

I've been teaching in the transformational dance world for over 20 years and have witnessed and experienced the power and incredible healing potential of JourneyDance™ - the power of empowerment, embodiment, and manifestation. The power of self-esteem, self-ownership, reclaiming one's path. The power of healing trauma and old wounds. I've seen the power of celebration and heart-opening connection. I've experienced the power of sensual awakening and intuitive awakening.


If music is your medicine and movement heals your soul, this training is for you.

If you want to share and embody this work with your authentic voice in the world, to help women and men become more of who they truly want to be, this training is for you.


JourneyDance™ 12 Day Embodied Leadership
Facilitator Training

March 17 - March 28, 2018

For all payment plans and room options

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Train in the JourneyDance™ body of work while experiencing all the beauty Mar de Jade, Mexico has to offer! Lush nature, beautiful water, a tropical sanctuary, and beautiful dance spaces await you!

This training confers the title of JourneyDance™ Guide
and gives you permission to teach + receive one free year of membership.

Why Should I Take the JourneyDance™ Facilitator Training?

Career Enhancement:

  • You know that movement is your medicine
  • You yearn to help others where you have healed
  • You want to be seen in a bigger meaningful way
  • To reach more people with your mission
  • To open your "voice" your expression
  • For a career enhancement that offers transformation and serves a higher purpose
  • For a career enhancement that enlivens, awakens, breaks barriers, busts people open,
  • For the opportunity to transform while transforming
  • To become a healer healer, and heal thy self in the most fun sensual way
  • To get people in touch with themselves so they can go live their authentic life

Personal Empowerment:

  • You are a seeker, a mover, a lover of movement
  • You want relief from your mind's messy thinking
  • You want to activate your personal power
  • You want to turn on your sensual expression
  • You want to open your voice and share it with others
  • You love JourneyDance, when you experience it you are wowed!
  • You've opened up to something inside and are curious what more could be discovered
  • You're hungry for connection and community with a tribe
  • You're touch-deprived, you're emotionally hungry for transformation
  • You're ready to go deeper
  • You're ready to accept and thank your past and integrate into who are today
  • You're wanting to go deep into the jungle to cocoon you through this process

This training will sell out, and there are limited spaces. This is a big commitment to yourself. If you are thinking about it, now is the time to go deeper in this sacred space...

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March 17 - 28, 2018

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Embodied Leadership Training Pricing includes:

  • Module One and Module Two training manuals
  • JourneyDance teachers starter kit
  • Self-study JourneyDance Coursebook
  • Certificate of Completion as a JourneyDance Guide
  • Your Accomodations of Private or Shared Rooms
  • Gourmet Meals Each Day!

Flight & transportation NOT included and must be paid separately by attendee.
Special excursions may incur an extra fee.

JourneyDance has a no refund policy.